CVSD Names New High School: Ridgeline

Over 430 name and mascot ideas – along with their rationale – were gathered for several weeks. A naming committee reviewed all the input in order to find the one name that would best portray the school community for years to come. The CVSD School Board ultimately decided on the name on November 26, 2018 after the committee gave their top three recommendations.
Ridgeline High School rose to the top because it fits the geographic characteristics of the area. “It is a powerful name that represents the beauty of the views of the hills surrounding the school site to the north, south, and east,” states Jesse Hardt, the new Ridgeline High School Principal.
CVSD Board President Cindy McMullen, who participated on the committee asserts, “I love that Ridgeline combines the beauty of the location with the element of strength that Central Valley schools – especially our high schools – are famous for.”
The 14-member committee consisted of the board president, principal, parents, students and teachers. Eryn Lewis, an eighth grader from Greenacres Middle School that participated on the committee adds, “The name Ridgeline High excites me because I had a small part in choosing it and it is something new and important. My favorite part about the name is that it reflects the beauty of our surroundings and our community. I believe that Ridgeline High will be an amazing school!”
Principal Hardt concludes, “The name, Ridgeline, gives this new school community the best opportunity to create our own culture and tell our story.”
What happens next? A new mascot and school colors will soon be chosen so that the distinct Ridgeline High School community identity can continue to take shape.