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High School Program

Our full-day High School program is designed for students who are looking for smaller class sizes, personalized and more frequent teacher/student interactions, and an overall small school size. The program is committed towards re-engaging students who may have felt disengaged in large school settings.

High School Program Highlights:

  • Direct instruction model (teacher driven)
  • Some online (Apex) options available for credit retrieval
  • Small class sizes (average between 8-15 students per class) – 160 total students in the program
  • Program is directed towards students who may be successful with direct instruction but may need a different and smaller environment and/or more teacher/student interaction/support
  • IEP students welcome
  • Quarter model: Three 105-minute classes daily, four times a year, six credit potential per year
  • 24 credit diploma
  • Students may also:
    • Participate in Ridgeline/U-High/CV activities (as long as they adhere to the athletic/activity code)
    • Take classes not offered at Mica Peak through Ridgeline/U-High/CV (assuming that the student is in good-standing)
    • Enrollment in classes at  SVT and NewTech

High School Teachers:

  • John Griffiths
  • Elana Hall
  • Leslie Heffernan
  • Marcy James
  • Mike Johnson
  • Taunya Luckey
  • Shannon Truitt
  • Katherine Wagner
  • Lynne Wilberding
  • Lisa Williksen