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School to Life

•    Our School to Life programs are post-high school transition programs for students who have a disability and have a desire to receive post-secondary transition services. 
•    Students receive instruction in job readiness skills, job and community exploration, mobility practice, daily living skills, communication and advocacy skills, social skills, leisure and recreation development, safety within the community, and community appropriateness and awareness. 
•    Students enter our program after leaving our three feeder schools: Central Valley High School, Ridgeline High School, and University High School. 
•    Our transition programs are designed to help prepare each individual student for what they want to come next upon exiting the public school system. 
•    When students enter our program, we begin with their end goal in mind and then look at what they will need to be more independent, do a job of their choice, and access their community doing activities that make them happy. 
•    Students are often learning in the natural environment where they will need to perform needed skills (out in the community, working throughout our school, and working at local workplaces that partner with us).
• For more information, contact CVSD Learning Specialist Beth-Fox Stultz at [email protected]


  • Wendy Babb
  • Rusty Lee
  • Rachel Maughan
  • ZZ Wilson