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FLEX Express

FLEX Express

This program is limited to Juniors & Seniors only after proven success in FLEX-Campus.

ü  Class of 2020 Seniors can graduate at 20 credits (Class of 2021 can graduate at 24 credits).


ü  Class of 2020 candidates must have at least 16 credits before beginning FLEX Express. Class of 2021

ü  must have at least 12 credits before beginning FLEX Express.


ü  Required weekly 30 minute check-in times.These check-ins are preferably done in person but can be done

ü  by phone if needed. Weekly check-ins must be scheduled by the student on the advisor's Google calendar.


ü  Tests are taken on campus in the FLEX lab and monitored by an approved FLEX proctor.


ü  All quizzes and tests must be passed at 70% or above. Final Exam must be passed at 60% or above


ü  Must be willing to take certain classes through CVVL or in Mica Peak’s classroom setting (e.g. CTE)

If you would like to apply for FLEX express, please click the link to our online application!