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Running Start

1) Talk with your AG advisor.  Let them know what you are thinking and get feedback.


2) Schedule an initial meeting with your high school counselor or principal. Currently, you can email Kamiel and he will copy your teachers and those who need to know.


3) Review Expectations or attend a Running start seminar.  This is currently online.  See below.



4) Apply to the College of your choice. There is not a specific app for running start.  Use the general “Apply now” button.


5) Email your counselor again for an Enrollment Verification meeting. I will also include your advisor in this portion. (Warning, without this step you cannot move forward)


6) Attend Orientation at the college or online and follow all instructions sent to you by email or CTC link.


7) Schedule classes


These steps are also included in the links for step three.  All of the colleges have slight variations so make sure you completely read college-specific material.  You are taking a step into school for adults and will be personally responsible for knowing what is required.  This can be scary but know that there is a whole cadre of people waiting to help.  The difference between High School and Running Start College is in High School you are told what to do.  Running Start people assume you know until you ask for help.  Please ask constantly.