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Flex Program

Our FLEX online program combines online learning and independent studies with on-campus support.

FLEX serves students who...

...are self-driven and need little micro-managing

...learn better by leading their own instruction

...can self-transport to and from school

...have computer/internet access at home flexibility in their schedule

...prefer individual work

...have strong reading skills or are willing to strengthen reading skills

...have appropriate spaces to continue learning outside of school hours

  • FLEX runs four days a week (M, T, Th, and Fri).
  • Teacher Support is available between 9:30am and 1:00pm.
  • The lab is open for use from 8:00am - 1:00pm.
  • To stay on track, students must complete four (4) online and/or independent classes per trimester.

You are intentional and serious about earning your diploma. We are, too. While online learning is a flexible and unconventional pathway towards your diploma, we’re protective of the academic integrity of our program. Therefore, in order to begin your online journey towards a diploma, you and your guardian (if under 18) must agree and comply with the following terms:

FLEX students must adhere to the following stipulations:

  • I understand that as a FLEX student, I will be scheduled to be on campus anywhere from 2-12 hours a week. Some weeks may vary. My schedule is at my teacher/advisor’s discretion. I must agree to attend all scheduled sessions.
  • I understand that all post-unit tests on Gradpoint need to be done on campus. Any testing done off campus and not under the supervision of FLEX staff will not be counted.
  • I understand that since online learning requires intensive reading, I must take a reading assessment and try my hardest in order to accurately determine my reading grade-level. I understand that if my reading level is low, I may be required to take direct instruction classes, including a reading intervention class, until I can score at an appropriate level for online learning.
  • I understand that some or all of my online classes may require supplemental assignments/projects to earn credit, and I will complete such supplemental work.
  • I understand that any evidence of using methods other than my own work to complete online classes will result in removal from the program. This includes copying material off the internet, using materials/devices on testing that are not allowed, and so forth.
  • I understand that some classes required for my diploma are not offered online, and therefore, there will be trimesters where I’ll need to complete an independent non-online course or take a direct instruction course.
  • I understand that while I’m on campus for a scheduled visit, I am to remain on campus and be of little disruption to other online students.
  • Mike Johnson
  • Katherine Weiss